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Old Man Winter Just Won’t Go Away
PCI Says Stay Ready

With four Nor’easters in three weeks, the East Coast has been slammed with wave after wave of severe storm systems. These events take their toll, producing property damage and contributing to auto accidents.

However, the insurance industry is more than ready to meet the needs of policyholders as they file their claims and look forward to completing the recovery process.

Late winter and early spring storms can be particularly nasty, so PCI encourages everyone to stay alert and take precautions so that you are ready for the persistent snow, ice and cold.

Be Prepared

Winter storms can cause significant damage for homeowners and PCI offers a wide range of tips and information for homeowners and encourages you to periodically visit this page to find important insurance information related to winter storms.

Follow us on Twitter @PCIAA and visit our other headquarters pages for insurance information and preparedness tips for each type of event.

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