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Stay Alert to Severe Weather during the Peak of Tornado Season
PCI Says Advance Preparation is the First Line of Defense 

The slow start to tornado season is welcome news for those who live in tornado country. However, weather conditions can quickly change which means it is important to stay prepared for severe storms, hail and flooding.

Close the Preparedness Gap

A survey conducted by Harris Poll for PCI found that 71 percent of Americans say they have enough insurance to cover their losses from natural disasters or severe weather. However, only 28 percent say they have conducted an annual insurance check up to make sure they are adequately covered. This gap in preparedness could be the difference in how smooth your recovery will be in the aftermath of a storm or other natural disaster.

To help everyone prepare for the severe weather, PCI urges homeowners, renters and business owners to conduct an annual review of their insurance policies and have a discussion of coverage options with their insurance agent or company. The good news is that most tornado, windstorm, hail and similar severe weather-related losses are covered either by automobile, homeowners, renters or commercial insurance policies. But because tornadoes develop rapidly and with little warning, advance preparation is vital.

PCI's Tornado Headquarters offers vital information for those impacted by tornadoes, as well as preparedness tips for those living in tornado-prone areas. Follow us on Twitter @PCIAA and use #becovered as we continue to provide tips on what to do before and after a tornado.