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Dodd-Frank Act Implementation

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PCI Engages in the Dodd-Frank Act Implementation

PCI is actively engaged with the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) and is working to minimize the impact of the regulatory rulemaking process on the insurance industry. The Financial Services Oversight Council (FSOC) has developed an "Integrated Implementation Roadmap" establishing a DFA implementation timeline. PCI is participating in the public comment periods for the various components of the Act.

PCI's comment letters on the proposed rules can be reviewed below in the Dodd-Frank Act Implementation section.

Staff Contact: Robert Gordon, senior vice president, policy development and research

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Federal Reserve Final Rule - Assessments for BHCs and S&LHCs

FIO Annual Report on the Insurance Industry - June 2013

Treasury, FIO Comment Request - Study on Natural Catastrophes and Insurance
>PCI Comments

Federal Reserve Final Rule - Definitions of Predominantly Engaged In Financial Activities”

HUD Final Rule - Fair Housing Act’s Discriminatory Effects Standard (Disparate Impact)

CFPB Final Rule - Mortgage Servicing RESPA (Reg X); Force-Placed

CFPB Final Rule - Mortgage Servicing TILA (Reg Z); Force-Placed

FIO Comment Request - Reinsurance Report
>PCI Comments

CFTC/SEC Final Rule - SWAP Definitions

FSOC - Nonbank Hearing Procedures Comment Request

Treasury - Assessment Fees on Large BHC and Nonbanks Supervised by the Federal Reserve

FDIC Final Rule: Mutual Insurance Holding Company Treated as Insurance Company

FSOC Final Rule - Authority to Require Supervision and Regulation of Certain Nonbank Financial Companies

Joint Proposal - Prohibitions on Proprietary Trading and Relationships with Hedge Funds [Volcker Rule]
>Joint Proposal PCI Comments

CFTC - Prohibitions on Proprietary Trading and Relationships with Hedge Funds [Volcker Rule]

CFPB Comment Request - Information Collection
>PCI Comments

House Subcommittee Continues Scrutiny of International Regulatory Developments

International Insurance Implications for Domestic Companies

Letter to Chairman Yellen

National Conference of Insurance Legislators

Views of S. Roy Woodall J.

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