Industry Issues | Surplus Lines Reform


Surplus Lines Clearinghouse Notice of Bulletins on NIMA Dissolution

NIMA Board Votes to Dissolve

Florida Withdraws from NIMA Effective June 1, 2016

Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has extended its Associate Membership in NIMA through December 31, 2015

NIMA Responds to Home State Tax Advocates for Surplus Lines

NIMA States Announce over $500M in Reported Premium to Clearinghouse

NIMA To Offer State Associate Memberships

FSLSO Releases NIMA National Clearinghouse Analysis

Surplus Lines Clearinghouse Announce Phase II Implementation

NIMA States Vote to Adopt Kentucky Tax Allocation Methodology

NIMA States Meet in Closed Session to Set Clearinghouse Guidance

AK, CT, and MS to Withdraw from NIMA

NIMA Enters Into Agreement with FSLSO as Tax Clearinghouse Provider


NIMA Clearinghouse Not Ready

NIMA, Surplus Lines Task Force Meet at NAIC Fall Meeting

NIMA States Vote to Delay Implementation

Industry Calls on NIMA to Change Tax Allocation

NIMA States Revise State Agreement

NCSL Conference Stirs SLIMPACT-NIMA Debate

PCI Gains Access to Closed NIMA Meetings

FSLSO-NAIC Consider Partnership For NIMA Clearinghouse

Connecticut and Louisiana Join NIMA; Florida Establishes NIMA Web site

PCI's Letter to SLIMPACT Commission Supports KY Proposal

NIMA Garners 11 States plus Puerto Rico

SLIMPACT-State Concerns & Responses

SLIMPACT Clearinghouse Allocation Methodology Proposal

SLIMPACT Commission Bylaws

SLIMPACT Commission Rules

PCI Urges NAIC To Publish Comprehensive Model Bulletin

NAIC Exposes Draft Model Bulletin

NAIC Offers Little Disclosure on NIMA Clearinghouse

NAIC Posts Request-For-Information for Potential Clearinghouse Vendors

NAIC NRRA Implementation Prerequisites and Considerations

SLIMPACT-Lite Model Law

NIMA Model Agreement

Council of State Governments Legal Analysis of NIMA Legislative Proposal

NIMA - SLIMPACT Comparison Chart

State Government Associations Adopt Model For State Implementation

NCOIL Adopts SLIMPACT - Lite as Model Legislation

PCI Comments on NAIC NIMA Proposal