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Autonomous Vehicles Update: May 2018
Summary of legislative and regulatory activity on Autonomous Vehicles at the state and federal levels as well as a "news and notes" section containing links to related studies and articles.

Active Shooter Risk: A.M. Best Video
An expert panel discusses demand for coverage against the rising risk of active shooter and on-site violence in schools, workplaces and elsewhere.

Marijuana (Cannabis): News Article - California approves first Cannabis Business Owners Policy
Filed by the AAIS, the CannaBOP program is designed for cannabis dispensaries, storage facilities, processors, manufacturers, distributors and other cannabis-related businesses operating in the state.

Marijuana (Cannabis): NAIC CIPR webinar - Weeding through the Unique Insurance Needs of the Cannabis Industry
The recorded webinar explored cannabis industry activities, its risks and how its 1st and 3rd party coverage needs are unique from other industries.

Autonomous Vehicle Update: Spring 2018
Summary of recent legislative and regulatory activity on Autonomous Vehicles at the state and federal levels; "news and notes" section containing links to related studies and articles. 

Florida Surplus Lines Regulatory Compliance Update

Active Shooter Risk: Insurance and Liability Issues

Marijuana: (News Article) Legal marijuana businesses are insurable with attention to the fine print

Marijuana: (DOI Press Release): CDI Renews Request to Insurers to Offer Insurance for Cannabis Industry

NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force Meeting Summary
The Task Force met on March 24, to discuss matters related to A&H insurance coverage, NAIC IID Plan of Operation, NFIP and private flood insurance, DSLI, and cyber insurance.

Litigation Funding – risk summary, background, related insurance, legislative and litigation issues

Marijuana: Senate Majority Leader McConnell wants hemp legalized as agricultural commodity.

Marijuana: Section 538 (p240) of Federal Omnibus Spending Bill extends protections of legalized marijuana in states

Marijuana: Brief on Marijuana and Insurance Policy Disputes

Catastrophe Casualty Risk - video interview with Robin Wilkinson of Arium, analytics platform now part of AIR Worldwide, discusses developments in risk modeling that identify and measure correlations among events and wide range of liabilities they might trigger. Also, Lloyd’s report, “Stochastic modelling of liability accumulation risk.”

Cyber Liability – “2018 Predictions:  Trends in Cybersecurity” explores 8 top trends that will affect business in the next 12 months.

Internet Liability (Cyber) – risk summary, background, risk of injuries and damages, insurance liability, litigation, and related legislation/regulation

NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force Drafts Guidance Document on Nonadmitted Accident & Health Coverages

Legal Marijuana - Federal Medical Marijuana Protections Temporarily Extended, March 23

Stamping Offices Report a 2017 Record Breaking Year in Surplus Lines Market 

NAIC Working Group releases revised draft of IID Plan of Operation

Autonomous Vehicles: Legislative & Regulatory Update

Cybersecurity Risk - Aon Releases 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions Report

PCI Meeting with FIO Representatives on NARAB II Implementation - Summary

3D/4D/5D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) – executive summary, background, information on injuries and damages, insurance liability and litigation

Legalized Marijuana - U.S. Attorney General Memo Raises Uncertainty on Marijuana Federal Enforcement in States Where Legalized

A.M. Best – How to Meet New York's New Cybersecurity Regulations

Navigating the haze of marijuana coverage - State legalization raises liability questions

Autonomous Vehicles – UK Government Introduces Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill; Related News

California Insurance Commissioner Announces First Filing Approval to Write Cannabis Business Insurance

Legalized Marijuana – Regulatory, Legislative, and Related News

NAIC Surplus Lines WG Propose Revisions to IID Plan of Operation 

NAIC Adopts Cybersecurity Model, establishes standards for the investigation of and notification of cybersecurity events

Autonomous Vehicles: Legislative & Regulatory Update

New York DFS Readopts Consolidated Emergency Regulations Regarding TNCs

PCI's Kodama: States need consistency in laws on domestic surplus lines insurers 

A.M.Best Releases 2017 Report on Surplus Lines Market Segment

NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force Meeting, Philadelphia – Report

Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA) Officially Approved, Effective August 1

TNC Legislative Activity: Surplus Lines UPDATE as of July 26, 2017

Surplus Lines Mid-Year Market Review - Managing Service Offices Report near-7% DWP Increase Over 2016

Thirteen States Have Enacted Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer Legislation

Surplus Lines Committee Meeting, August 18, Chicago: 2017 Highlights, 2018 Outlook

New Jersey Enacts AB5005 Regarding Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund

New York DFS Issues Consolidated 90-day Emergency Regulations Regarding TNCs

NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force Meeting, Denver – Report

TNC Legislative Activity: Surplus Lines UPDATE as of February 28, 2017

Locke Lord LLP Releases 2017 Surplus Lines Laws Manual

AAMGA, NAPSLO Unveil the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association

Louisiana Commissioner Donelon Re-named Chair of NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force

PCI Revises Surplus Lines State Chart on Fees and Taxes - Select Requirements

Surplus Lines Stamping Offices Report Continued Premium Growth in 2016

NY Advisory Opinion: Surplus Lines Insurers Subject to Franchise Tax

Ten States Have Enacted Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer Legislation

NAIC Surplus Lines Task Force Meeting, April 3

Nine States Have Enacted Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer Legislation

TNC Legislative Activity: Surplus Lines UPDATE

Texas DOI Extends Policy Count Filing Deadline for Surplus Lines

Texas Stamping Office Announces Change to Annual TDI Policy Reporting

Eight States Enact Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer Legislation

President Obama Signs into Law TRIA Extension and NARAB II

A.M. Best Releases 2014 Report on Surplus Lines Insurance Industry

PCI, NJSLA Raise Questions About NJ Surplus Lines Proposed Regulation

North Carolina DOI Requests Premium Report From Surplus Lines Insurers

GAO Releases Report on the Effects of the NRRA

New York DFS Proposed Amendments to Regulation 41 Prompts PCI Comment

PCI Surplus Lines Committee to Discuss NRRA at Annual Fall Meeting

Senate Banking Committee Advances NARAB II

Senate Holds Hearing on NARAB II

NIMA Surplus Lines Clearinghouse Initiates Filing Process

Florida and NIMA States Update Surplus Lines Requirements

PCI, Industry Trades Address NAIC on Surplus Lines Eligibility

PCI Achieves Victories to Halt Expansion of Regulation on Surplus Lines

Florida NIMA Legislative Report

Iowa Insurance Division Ceases Surplus Lines Market Conduct Exams

Construction Defect Legislation Impacts Surplus Lines

Four States Enact Domestic Surplus Lines Insurer Legislation

PCI Engaged in NRRA-Surplus Lines Legislation in 35 States

States to Consider Surplus Lines Compact or Tax Agreement

States to Implement Surplus Lines Reform in 2011

Rep. Moore Clarifies Intent of Enacted NRRA Legislation

President Obama Enacts NRRALegislation within Dodd-Frank Act