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Safety Alert: Auto Crashes Increasing, Threatening Motorists, Pedestrians, and Insurance Consumers

CostDrivers_VideoScreenAuto safety is a top concern for insurers. New technologies are making today’s cars dramatically safer for drivers and passengers, but we are continuing to see some of the largest increases in crashes and fatalities on the roads. The National Safety Council preliminary 2017 data shows that motor vehicle deaths surpassed 40,000 for the second consecutive year in 2017 and 4.57 million people were seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Distracted driving is thought to be one of the leading causes for the rise in vehicle crashes nationwide. Marijuana-impaired driving also is one of the many factors believed to be contributing to the recent increase in auto crash frequency, particularly as more states liberalize their marijuana laws.

Although safety is the first concern, the increase in crash frequency and severity comes at a time when repair, labor, medical, and other costs associated with crashes also are rising—which could lead to increased premiums.

PCI is working with policymakers, industry leaders, and consumers to promote driver safety and enact highway safety laws to protect motorists and pedestrians and keep insurance costs stable. Follow us on Twitter @PCIAA and #HeadsUp for the latest information on car crash factors contributing to rising costs to consumers.


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