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PCI is committed to ensuring your insurance company can continue to provide you with information and auto body repair options that have a track record of providing quality repairs, lifetime warranties and a hassle-free claims process. Additionally, PCI is focused on legislative and regulatory activities that help to ensure repair costs are reasonable, which benefits all consumers. Helping to contain the cost of auto insurance helps to control auto insurance rates.

This year PCI has worked to protect consumers and keep auto body repair costs under control by opposing legislative efforts in several states that would increase costs, add more hassles for consumers and restrict the insurers’ role in the repair process. In Rhode Island lawmakers rejected 10 bills that involved restrictions on the use of aftermarket parts, airbags, labor rates, and salvage vehicles.

Additionally, PCI is supporting the Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales (PARTS) Act, (S. 780) which is in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The Quality Parts Coalition recently produced a video: The Hidden Monopoly on Your Auto Repair Parts , which highlights how car companies are trying to force you to buy auto repair parts only from them after a car accident, limiting your choice and increasing your cost.

PCI has also developed a special report which highlights the dramatic cost impact that could occur if quality alternatives to car company parts were no longer available. The study found that rebuilding a 2012 Toyota Camry entirely with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement auto body parts costs about $157,000 — seven times the car's original retail price. The availability of aftermarket parts has created competition in the market and helped bring about lower costs for replacement automobile parts.

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