Why Join PCI?
The value of joining PCI is clear from your first day of membership. It starts with having the most respected, persuasive voice on Capitol Hill and in 50 statehouses representing you and our industry. Then, when you add access to the best legislative, regulatory and compliance information in the industry, you have a true business asset.

PCI membership is open to admitted or non-admitted carriers in the United States and Puerto Rico. All other companies may be eligible for our Net Associate Program.

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Seven Business Savvy Reasons to Join PCI

#1: The gold standard for advocacy
PCI is the trusted voice on Capitol Hill - on both sides of the aisle. Legislators trust us for data-driven information. They know our positions represent the industry's most diverse membership. Our messages are heard by the right people at the right time.

Legislators and regulators trust both our information and our expertise. PCI staff includes former legislators and commissioners. Our expert staff covers the nation from offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C. plus regional offices in Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Denver, Sacramento, Olympia (WA), Tallahassee and Trenton.

#2: Thought leadership that begins with you
Our powerful voice begins with thought leadership; and thought leadership begins with PCI members. Information and insights are shared and policy is developed though our 16 standing committees – where every member has a voice.

#3: The Power of PCI PAC
PCI PAC is the largest company trade association PAC in the property casualty industry, giving us the resources to advocate effectively. And our structured grassroots program allows our engaged members access to legislators whose vote matters to them. Both have track records and reputations for high impact.

#4: Access to the experts
PCI experts deliver practical understanding of more than 200 subject areas and are available to you from day one. Our members think of them as extensions of their own teams. They’re on the phone to answer your questions every business day.

#5: Information for solid business decisions
PCI is the industry’s information powerhouse. We deliver the information that helps members make fact-based business decisions and stay on top of emerging trends and breaking news.

#6: Saving the cost of non-compliance
PCI tracks thousands of bills and regulations that can impact your business – not just the what but the why.

#7: Access to knowledge and networking
PCI members come together to learn from the experts – and each other – at annual seminars, webinars, workshops, conference and meetings.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a PCI member, call Suan Shepherd at 847-553-3748 or email her at susan.shepherd@pciaa.net.
Benefits By The Numbers