PCI Net Associate Program

If your company serves the property casualty industry, PCI has a program for you. Just like our members, you can have access to our website and our powerhouse of information. There’s no better, no more efficient way to stay on top of what is trending in the industry or happening on the legislative and regulatory fronts. You also have access to our members – your customers and prospects – at our meetings and seminars. Whether you take a sponsor role or simply attend, there’s no better opportunity to get the attention and interest of property casualty company decision makers.

Program Cost: $7,200 per year

Program Benefits
  • Receive up to twenty (20) passwords for the PCI Website.
  • Track legislative developments by issue and by state.
  • Monitor regulatory changes to assure compliance with rules and regulations in all 50 states.
  • Research state insurance environments and compare your company’s results with overall industry figures.
  • Access research and statistical reports by line of business in every state.
  • Access more than 80 PCI publications on topics ranging from marketing to underwriting to claims administration. 
  • Ability to customize your profile by the issues and the states of most importance to you. 
  • Network with PCI members by attending PCI-sponsored meetings, seminars and conferences at a discounted rate.
  • Deliver a customized marketing message to current clients and prospects by advertising your company’s services to PCI members through a link on the PCI website.

To learn more about the benefits, opportunities and costs of joining the PCI Net Associate Program – or to get a trial password – call Trish Thein at 847-553-3824 or email her at patricia.thein@pciaa.net.